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What uses can artificial turf brushes have?

Artificial turf is a type of flooring that is made of polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyamide. This type of flooring is a good alternative to natural grass and can give a very beautiful view of the environment.

This product is one of the products that need brushes. What effect does the use of a brush have on this type of product, we will discuss in the following.

Industrial brushes are widely used in various fields and industries. These brushes are made with the best possible materials and production conditions PBC.

Artificial turf brush is another product of PBC that can meet the needs of producers and suppliers, as well as all those who use artificial turf in any kind of consumption.

These types of brushes are usually made of thick polyamide and perlon strings, which are very high quality and have a long service life and eliminate the need for similar foreign products.

But what is the use of artificial turf brush?

The main purpose of using this type of brush is to make the turf surface smooth and clean. The main task of this brush is to regulate and organize the structure and fibers of the turf.

Brushing also prevents the artificial turf fibers from curling and falling asleep. As a result, it will extend the life of the turf.

Brushing retains the softness and appearance of the turf and easily removes dust. In addition, it cleans and repairs the turf.

The main brushes for turf brushes are:

  • Cylindrical Brush
  • Continuous Zigzag Brush
  • Delta-Shape Brush
  • Row Brush
  • Granular Distributer Board Brush
  • Cylindrical Brush
  • Lawn- mower BrushAnother application of this brush is its use in turf restoration machine, which usually consists of a cylindrical brush. It is rotated by an electric motor or a gasoline engine. Therefore, by this action, it also covers granules or silica soils integratedly between synthetic turf fibers.


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