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The another of applications of industrial brushes is in besprinkle flour machine are as follows:

Although industrial brushes are widely used in most industries, another type of industry that is not immune to this product is the bakery industry.

A bakery is a facility that produces and sells flour-based foods that are baked in the oven, including bread and sometimes cookies, cakes, and pastries.

A device that is widely used in most bakeries is called a flour besprinkler.

This machine is used to add and besprinkle fine-grained flour such as bakery flour evenly on the breadcrumbs. It also has a strong blower that removes excess flour from the product.

Technical specifications of the flour besprinkler:

  • Has a full steel blower
  • It has a body and chassis and all stainless-steel parts
  • Has a variable speed of 5 to 15 meters per minute
  • Input and output height between 100 and 970 mm
  • 5 hp power
  • Dimensions 1650 * 820 * 3300 mm

What are the characteristics of a flour besprinkler brush?

This type of brush is a cylindrical brush with different dimensions, which in the bakery industry is mostly responsible for besprinkling flour on the chin and dough spreader.

Flour sprayer cylinder brushes are usually made of polyamide, polyester, and polypropylene monofilaments. Also, these polymer yarns are fully compatible with this industry for use in the food industry.

The brushes used for bread baking and flour industries can have a variety of uses. These brushes are made by PBC in the best conditions of the production line and with the best quality and are sent to different parts of Iran as well as beyond the borders of Iran and can prevent you from importing similar foreign products.

Among the applications that the brushes of this industry can have, apart from the task of besprinkling flour in the besprinkling flour machine, are as follows:

Different brushes are used for use in hot stoves, cooling belts and conveyor belts, watering cans, cleaning baking sheets, cleaning oven trays, cleaning oven pots, removing dough residues, sealing, and so on.

But what are the benefits of a flour besprinkler brush?


  • These types of brushes are produced with approved and standard materials for the food sector, including bread, by PBC.
  • Its performance is optimal in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Its fibers (yarns) are strong and resistant to heat
  • Has effective and efficient results
  • It is also suitable for all kinds of devices and facilities of the bakery system.
  • It has a long life.
  • These brushes are suitable for non-motorized drive systems.

What kind of brushes can be used in a flour machine?

Cylindrical brushes are commonly used in this type of machine, but roller brushes, spiral roller brushes, and tape brushes can also be used in the bakery and flour industries.

All brushes used in the bakery industry, including a suitable brush with besprinkling flour in different dimensions and its constituent materials and fibers, are made by PBC according to the needs and suitable for the working conditions of the customer industry.

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