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What is the use of brushes in the carpet washing industry?

PBC can be used a lot in carpet washing professions. One of the uses that can be very important is to clean all kinds of furniture, carpets, and rugs surfaces.

Definitely, it has been a while since customers have washed carpets or rugs from unsuitable, low-quality brushes. Or they may have the experience of using brushes that not only do not clean your carpet, but also cause any damage to its texture.

PBC is here to make it easier for the customers to get rid of clutter which customers do not need. PBC offers the customers the best to guarantee a smile of their satisfaction.

PBC has taken an important step in this field by producing the best brushes in the carpet and rug washing industry, which can completely remove all the existing impurities on the carpet and carpet surfaces.

One of the products of PBC is the industrial carpets for washing carpets and rugs, which, when connected to a special washing machine, performs the best washing operations by performing a circular motion, and removes all stains and dirt.

It should be noted that the larger the volume of the strands and brush fibers, the greater its ability to remove contaminants.

Industrial brushes have many features, including excellent performance, durability, and longevity. These brushes are produced and supplied in long and short sizes according to the length of their fibers. It is recommended to use brushes with longer fibers to wash the carpet and rug so as not to damage the carpet texture.

The types of carpet brushes are as follows:

  • Types of industrial cylindrical brushes: which are produced in chess, zigzag chess, zigzag parallel, zigzag continuous, left rotating spiral, right rotating spiral designs, and are provided to the respectful customers.
  • Types of disc brushes (round): Disc brushes are produced and supplied in different dimensions. In terms of design and twisting, these brushes are designed and produced in the twisted form of complete checkers and three-segment, four-segment, six-segment, eight-segment segments, which usually have dimensions between 20 cm and 70 cm.
  • Flat brushes: These types of brushes are also made in full chess and zigzag chess models.

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