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Due to the vastness and development of cities, cleaning machines have come to the aid of urban service companies to mechanize and maintain urban landscapes in a mechanized way to serve modern societies.

Cleaning machines play an important role in cleaning airports, parks, parking lots and roads.

The cleaning brushes used in this industry are usually cylindrical polyamide or metal cylinders coated with special brushes for cleaning brushes, which are mainly anti-wear or steel.

Also, the table washer disc brush is another industrial brush which is installed on cleaning machines and urban service scrubbers. PBC industrial brush has been able to be a safe and suitable alternative for European brushes, which in many cases has lasted longer. Customers can consult and feel free to use the technical experts of PBC collection and install a reliable tool on the customers machines.

The types of industrial brushes that our company has the ability to produce in the field of cleaning brushes are as follows.

  • Strip Cylindrical Brushes
  • Twisted Cylinder Brush
  • Strip Spiral Industrial Brush
  • Cylindrical Segment Brush
  • Disc Industrial Brush
  • Industrial Table Washer Brush

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