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What is the use of industrial brushes in biscuit and confectionery factories and industries?

As you know, industrial brushes and brushes are used in various industries, and the confectionery and biscuit industry does not need these brushes.

With many years of experience in the production and supply of brushes and brushes in various industries, PBC has gained a high position in the field of trade and production quality.

In addition to its comprehensive products, the company has also taken an important step in the production of quality brushes in the biscuit and confectionery industry.

The brushes used in the biscuit and confectionery industries in PBC are usually made of polyamide and polyester polymer yarns.

The purpose of using these brushes in this industry is more for cleaning cake and pastry baking trays as well as lubricating the dishes before baking and placing them in the oven. This is because the pastry dough and cake do not remain on the dishes.

Another application of this brush is cleaning large containers of pastry dough, which should have soft fibers. In order not to create scratches on the dish when washing these dishes with the help of a brush. Also, the raw materials and its constituent materials should be preferably in accordance with food standards. Because the environments of biscuit factories and confectionery centers are very sensitive, and it is better to be safe from any kind of pollution.

It is recommended that the brush fibers cover all inaccessible areas during washing and cleaning. On the other hand, it should be noted that the brush fibers are made of a material that, after finishing the work and washing the brush, all the remaining materials in the brush strings are easily washed with water and thoroughly cleaned.

There is another type of brush that can be used to remove flour particles or dust inside the ovens.

The following are some of the benefits of the confectionery industry:

  1. These brushes can be suitable for use in hot ovens, cooling belts and conveyor belts, spraying, cleaning baking sheets, cleaning oven trays, cleaning oven pots, removing dough residues, sealing, and so on.
  2. Can be used in dry and humid environmental conditions.
  3. Fiber and its fibers are resistant to heat and ambient heat.
  4. It has a long life due to the quality of its construction.

The industrial brushes of confectionery factories are another type of products of PBC and customer can contact us for more information.

PIB offers the best to the customers.

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