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Among our extensive range of industrial brushes, PBC aims to produce and supply a wide range of applied brushes in the dairy industry with excellent quality. These brushes are produced by skilled professionals using the highest quality raw materials and special techniques.

The brushes used in the dairy industry are usually cylindrical brushes and flat brushes, which are mostly used for washing milk transport carriers, washing steel tanks, and washing conveyor belts in the dairy industry.

The materials used in washing brushes in the dairy industry are mostly polyphenamide and polyester monofilaments.

The characteristics of this type of brushes are soft and durable fibers, long life, easy and convenient use of brushes.

Another type of dairy brush is the milk pipe cleaning brush, which can be suitable for milk mpipes designed in different sizes. These brushes can wash and clean the inside and around the pipes. Also, this brush should be suitable and strong for this task so that it can perform its task well.

Milk bottle wash brushes are another type of industrial dairy brush that, as its name implies, is used for cleaning and rinsing inside milk bottles.

Due to our production line routine, PBC is proud to be able to manufacture, export and confirm the quality of the washable bottle brush. These brushes are produced under the close supervision of the skilled specialists of PBC, using first-class raw materials and advanced techniques. The bottle washer can be made in different sizes and also has excellent durability, flawless design and easy to use.

The tank cleaning brushes are also in this group, which can also be used to manually clean tanks and milk tanks. These brushes have soft and strong fibers (yarns), light weight and strong structure that can increase its lifespan.

By providing a wide range of tank cleaning brushes, PBC can eliminate you from the need for similar quality products in this industry. Because we have been trying for years to give quality to the respectful customers.

PBC produce these brushes in a variety of sizes to suit the specific needs of the  customers and using high quality raw materials.

These brushes can be available in a variety of sizes, as they are more efficient. It should also be noted that before supplying tank cleaning brushes, they are inspected by PBC on several quality parameters to ensure that they are safe and sound.

All dairy industry products are produced by PBC in the best production conditions.

In addition, customers can easily buy the brushes used in the dairy industry from PBC at the most affordable price and within the promised time.

Customers can contact PBC for more information.

PIBC offer customers the best.


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