Familiarity with different types of industrial brushes

The industrial brushes of Pasargad Industrial Brush Company are divided into the following categories in terms of appearance and application:

Tape brush

Tape brushes are often referred to as blade or groove brushes. These brushes are durable and versatile, produced with steel and galvanized covers of various lengths, and are mostly used for sealing, plywood and material transfers in the form of paddles.

The ingredients of the tape brushes depend on their application. This product is installed as a sliding and fixed and its use in the production line is easy.


Glass and line production line, mirrors, escalators and elevators, electric waxing machines, fruit washing and material transfer, machine building, stone and tile manufacturing industry, textile industry and water and sewage system, etc.

Belt brush

Belt brushes are durable and flexible, which makes them easy to use in the production line.

These brushes are often produced on thermal belts (A.B.C) and sometimes with a wider width of up to 50 meters and are used as butterfly belts.


Stone and ceramic production industry, production of double-glazed windows, wood and paper industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Cylindrical brush

Cylindrical brushes are among the products that include many different designs.

Raw materials for cylindrical brushes include:

PP, PET, PBT, N66, N06, hemp and hair are made, which are selected by the customer and the opinion of the company’s experts. The length of these brushes is up to 4 meters with different diameters and taffeta with truncated, snail, parallel and checkered designs.


Fruit washing and sorting machines, carpet and carpet industry, car glass and two building walls, fruit waxing, shoe waxing machines, cleaning vacuum cleaners, industrial bread and biscuit production machines and production of chocolate and chewing gum, packaging machines, processing dates….

Rotary brush

For many years, different types of rotary brushes have been produced for many applications in different sizes and designs and types of needs.

Easy to install and use these brushes can be done in different production lines. These brushes are selected in two chess and parallel shapes and also have a variety of colors.


Tile and ceramic industries, stone, chipboard and MDF production, machine building, leather, straw making, food industry, pharmacy, production line ligaments, etc.

Disc brush

These brushes are produced in different sizes and their base is often made of compressed, durable and stylish materials and has a high strength so that it can be used for a long time.

The filament of these brushes is selected with a long life and is often used for cleaning smooth surfaces, and in some cases for waxing and polishing products in the packaging stage.


Cleaning machines (scrubbers), stone and excavation production lines, glass and mirror production, machine building, etc.

Flat brush

They are the most common products that have a variety of designs. The bases of these brushes are designed and produced from polymeric materials or wood in different sizes.

Due to the variety and size of these brushes, it will enable you to use it in any field in the production line.


Textile factories, food industry, packaging, printing machines, construction industry, glass, worksheet, paint, cutting, leather making and, ……

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