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The applications of glass industry brushes are as follows:

In the glass industry, as in other industries, brushes are used to wash the glass, which can perform the best way to wash the glass, if these brushes are high quality products of Pasargad Industry Brush Company (PBC). Because the company meets all possible needs in all industries and keeps customers satisfactory of quality in all situations.

PBCs glass washing brushes have many applications and, in most cases, can be effective for doing its jos. The applications include washing a variety of glass products, such as double-glazed windows and glass which are used in the automotive industry. To do this, customer need brushes that use a lot of speed and ease in any case. It should also be strong and durable. But don’t worry! Because PBC has easily overcome all these icons and launched unrivaled products to the market.

The applied brush in this industry is more of a roller type, which is made of polypropylene (PP) or polyamide. Its features include efficiency, productivity, efficiency, and more quality.

PBC’s industrial brushes in its glass washer machines are as follows:

  • Twisted Cylinderical Brush
  • Strip Spiral Cylindrical Brush
  • Segmental Cylinder Brush
  • Brislte Disc Brush
  • Hemp Disc Brush
  • Polymer Disc Brush

The components required in double-glazed glass brushes must be such that the filaments used in it are of the polypropylene type, which has a high cleaning power and its water absorption is suitable for this industry. Also, if the glass is not diamond, it is better to have high strength and stability.

Glass washer brushes are usually made of polymer fibers, which have a lot of anti-stain properties, so they are very important in the production line.


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