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The steel industry brush is also a group of industrial brushes that can be used to wash galvanized sheets in hot water pools or in acid washing pools.

Due to the various uses of galvanized sheets, its cleaning and washing is very important. For this purpose, suitable industrial brushes with steel industry are used. One of the main tasks and purposes of this brush is to quickly and easily washing the sheets and remove the oxides on the surface of the sheet, as well as to remove the grease created on the sheet.

But do not forget that for this purpose it is better to use brushes that are resistant to high water temperature and alkaline conditions, as well as constant contact with steel sheets and do their job well. Also, its quality should be such that it has a good lifespan.

PBC has been able to produce well-applied industrial brushes in every industry and offer its high-quality products to the respecful customers.

How are steel industry brushes produced by PBC?

The main base in the production of this type of brush is PVC, polyamide, and polyethylene. In addition, silicon carbide and carbonate nylons are commonly used to cover the steel industry. Note that the production of this product must be such that it covers more than 70% of the base level. In such a situation, the brush of the steel industry, which is produced by PBC, is considered a special and high-quality product in terms of density.

What types of brushes are most used in the steel industry?

Cylindrical brushes are another product of PBC. It has both anti-wear properties and washing well. For this reason, it is called anti-wear brush, which is widely used in this industry. Cylindrical brushes are also made in different sizes and designs, which can have different uses depending on their dimensions.

Among the brushes of the steel industry, the type of cylinder and silicon carbide filament can be mentioned, which is called Mobarakeh Steel Industries Complex (MSIC) Brush. This type of brush is very resistant to high temperatures and also it has a high strength. One of the uses of MSIC Brush is to wash galvanized sheets.


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