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A strip brush is usually tape-shaped, with polymer strands, natural horse bristle, hemp, wire wires, and the other part, which is the same holder, usually made of sheet metal. It is made of galvanized, steel, wood, polyethylene, PVC.

Under-the-counter brushes are commonly used both in industry and in commercial and residential units. In industry, they are usually used to insulate control units to prevent the entry of dust or are installed in paint tunnels to seal the transport chain. It is widely used in thermal power plants as an air seal for thermal heaters.

And there are different parts of the production line of used factories, which are discussed in specialized sections.

Under-the-counter or strip brushes are commonly used in commercial centers to seal automatic doors, which are often easy to install with a aluminum holder and can be easily used.

The brush is also used in airport gates, escalators, shopping malls, mechanized parking lots, elevators, telecommunications racks, switchboards, and office furnitures.

Also, in residential units, under the entrance doors for covering and sealing the distance between the ground floor and under the door, it is easily installed and gives a special effect to the customer anti-theft door.

Buildings that are now the habitat or workplace of humans are in dire need of protection against pests, mice, and dust (which is generally full of dangerous germs and viruses). To address these issues, a sealant called a strip brush has been installed under the doors of buildings to solve these problems. This type of strip brush, which is usually produced with a holder, is installed below to prevent annoying objects from entering homes, hospitals, companies, etc. Preventing while ensuring proper harmony with the space, it also ensures the security of the environment.


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