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The TBM machine is a type of drilling machine that has been used by humans to facilitate underground transportation.

Also, by digging tunnels to cross urban and suburban trains, as well as road construction, this device has been able to conquer the underground to accelerate the construction of the tunnel.

As a result, PBC can offer high quality products in this industry that can compete with European models and fully meet the needs of this industry.

The TBM’s brushes are made of metal profiles that hold stainless steel wires. The purpose of using this type of industrial brush is that it can be used to seal the drilling machine.

The main function of these wired strip brushes is to place a gap between the moving forehead of the device and the body of the tunnel in the sealing grease, preventing water and slurry from entering and protecting the device so that the drilling machine can perform its function.

These sealing tape brushes are manufactured by PBC in the best conditions available compared to other manufacturers in different dimensions and are ready to be installed on TBM machine.

Protection of these types of brushes is very important because they are exposed to contamination when digging tunnels or other operations due to their use, and their strands quickly absorb a lot of dust. These brushes can be easily washed due to their strong strands.

This type of brush, for example, has a long service life and is resistant to environmental conditions.


Its advantages include the following:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • High safety
  • Resistant to washing
  • Resistant to heavy underground operations
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Blocking any water inlet
  • High drilling speed
  • High strength at different speeds of the device
  • Equipped with a correct or incorrect diagnostic test
  • Alarm alarm function during excessive drilling pressure
  • Adjustable speed

The brushs of the TBM device are covered with grease when digging the tunnel to act as a water barrier, because groundwater should not enter the device. As a result of this operation, although these brushes are resistant to rough stones and rough surfaces and do not wear out, they wear out over time and need to be replaced.

All industrial brushes, including sealing tape brushes, are produced by PBC with excellent and praiseworthy quality. Nowaday, PBC is proud to offer our services as the largest brush production factory in the country.

Customers can contact the PBC experts regarding the sealing brushes and other brushes used in other industries of PBC.

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