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It is clear that the textile industry, like many other active industries, is in dire need of industrial brushes.

One of the main applications of the brushes in the textile industry is lint production in all stages of production of cloth, carpets, rugs, and other products of this industry.

One of the brushes used in this industry is the belt brush, which, like other products of PBC, is finally made and offered with good quality.

Cylindrical brush is another brush used in the carpet and rug industry, which is widely applied in most textile and carpet industries.

In addition, another brush used in the textile industry is widely used as a flat brush.

The brushes used in the textile industry are:

  • Grinding Wheel Machine
  • Brush Machine
  • Rotating Brush
  • Micro Crystalizer Brush and Metal Wheel
  • Rolling Brush and Brush Ring
  • Spiral Roller Brush
  • Stretch Roller Brush
  • Flat Brush Belt
  • Toothbrush Belt
  • Tape and Special Brush

Applications of textile brushes in the textile industry and in the production line in this industry include brush embedding in karting and camber machines, winding, and knitting machines, knitting machines and industrial planting machines.

Other uses for textile brushes include the followings:

  1. The use of these brushes can be used for carting (smoothing) raw fibers and removing and cleaning the fibers that are stuck in the combs of the cylinder or in other words, the camber brush is stuck, so in the production line of yarn, the product becomes smaller and stronger.
  2. This brush is suitable for subcut combing in the production line.
  3. It is suitable for removing pulleys and dust during knitting or wire wrapping operations.
  4. Applications of cylindrical brushes in this industry include smoothing the creases created at the end of the process and preventing the formation of creases in the cloth.
  5. Other applications of textile brushes include fine structure, greater fabric strength, smoothing, other things such as blanket printing, water sealing, loss of electrostatic loads by synthetic fibers.

Because the textile industry is so scattered, the variety of brushes in each sub-branch is very high, and usually the brushes of the textile industry are similar in one job as well as in structural terms, and that is, linting at all stages of production.

PBC is producing these brushes with the best manufacturing machines and offering unrivaled products to its customers..

PBC typically uses aluminum, PVC, polyamide, polyethylene, and wood to produce this brush for the base of the textile industry, and PBC often uses polyamide (nylon), animal bristle, and vegetable fiber (Sisel) fiber monofilaments. Adherence to quality in the production of this brush increases efficiency and effectiveness as well as its lifespan.

Customes can contact PBC for more information about this unique product.


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