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What role does watercolor brush play in the art of painting?

Watercolor painting is an art in which colors are stacked on top of each other in a wet way, and the painter paints with the help of brushes, which are the main tools of watercolor painting on the board.

But the main part of the story is choosing the right brush for painting. There are different sizes of brushes for watercolor art, but we suggest that you start by making a round, flat brush a priority if you are planning to buy a watercolor brush. You can also use a flat brush to help.

Watercolor brushes are made with two types of natural and artificial bristle. But artificial brushes are cheaper and tend to retain less water than natural bristles.

Watercolor brushes are produced in different types of shapes, sizes, types of bristles and fibers used by PBC. Watercolor pens made by this company are usually made of animal bristles, fibers and sometimes polymer in different dimensions with the best staff and experienced personnel accurately and without any possible waste after purchase and use in the production line. It is recommended that customers pay attention to the fibers, performance, strength and cost when choosing a bristle brush or watercolor brush.

When choosing a brush in terms of performance, it should be able to hold a good amount of paint or water in the texture of the bristle and be able to create a uniform shape without shaking and discoloration on the board. You also need to make sure that the form is firm (the silver part between the brush and the handle). Finally, you need to consider how much you are willing to pay because some brushes are very expensive and you may not need them, depending on your goals, and you may intend additional costs. So first of all, determine your goal and then start buying. You can also contact PBC’s experts for advice on choosing watercolor brushes. We will help you with this.

Watercolor brushes are generally divided into three categories:

  1. Natural Brushes

Typically, watercolor brushes with natural bristle are made of sable, camel, cow bristle. These types of brushes are far better than synthetic brushes because they hold more water and paint and are easier to wash. These types of brushes are more durable than artificial brushes. They are better and have softer brisles.

  1. Artificial Brushes

Watercolor brushes with synthetic fibers, usually made of nylon or polyester or polyathylene, are designed to mimic the structure and function of natural brisle at a much lower cost. These brushes can be produced in very different quality and performance. There are also disadvantages to this type of brush:

  • ‌Their artificial bristle will not last long.
  • They do not dye as much as natural brisle.
  • Their brisle is very straight.
  1. Combination Bristle

Some producers and brush manufacturers produce brushes made of synthetic and natural fibers. Some of these brushes are inexpensive options that also work well but can be different in terms of building materials.

All watercolor brushes and brushes in different sizes and shapes are made by PBC with the best first-class raw materials according to your needs with the help of brush making machines. Which can meet all your needs.

PBC can support the customers art.

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