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The wiper belt brush is usually used a Zigzag Cylinder type. This cleaning tool is installed in two ways at the end of the point under the conveyor belt. If we want to not to have an independent electric motor, we must use a round weaving roller to transfer the obtained rotational force to the conveyor brush with a belt or chain wheel.

The structure of industrial Eraser Belt Brushes is usually in the form of stumps and the use of filaments that can have the necessary resistance by rotating the brush and conveyor belt, because in this case, due to high speed, the heat rises and if the material is misused, the brush will burn in a very short time and damage the brush and conveyor.

Conveyor belts, whose metal-bearing plate is in touch with heat, it usually uses a cylindrical strip of wire brush, which is like the stainless-steel belt of the chipboard industry.

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