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In the process of growing vegetables, including cucumbers, due to pest and disease control, pesticides are often sprayed on cucumbers, and these pesticides may endanger human health pests. In addition, the level of crops will be more or less contaminated with various microorganisms, which may penetrate the plant tissue and harm human health.

Therefore, refining products before sale is of particular importance.

To do this, use the brushes of washing cuccumber, which are usually in the form of cylindrical and rotary brushes. These brushes, which are produced by PBC, have a special quality. The fibers of these brushes are made of polypropylene materials and their twisting is usually produced in the form of continuous checkered and rotary.

The device works by using a high-pressure water stream and a bubble generator to better affect the contamination and dirt on the surface of the washing cucumber machine, so that the energy from the bubble in contact with the skin of the cucumber acts as a punch therefore, the brush is moved on the surface of the cucumber to be cleaned by the machine. It can be concluded that the cucumber cleaned by the pickle machine is cleaned more than three times as much as the normal washing method. Cucumber brushes can also be used to clean a variety of vegetables, such as cucumbers, completely, safely, and efficiently. But do not forget that if quality is important to the customers, then be sure to contact PBC. Because for many years, PBC has been producing and supplying high quality brushes in various industrial fields, which can prevent customers from importing any kind of inspection from other countries.

Due to the above-mentioned other features of the cucumber washing machine, it disinfects the surface of the cucumbers and eliminates harmful bacteria and pesticide residues from the pests on the surface of the cucumbers.

On the plus side, it eliminates unhealthy sugary foods from one’s diet.

This machine also completely cleans the existing oils on the cucumber surface.


The advantages of using a cucumber washing machine are as follows:

  • When washing cucumber machines, the products will not be damaged. Because the roots of the brushes are soft, they will do the filtering job well.
  • The cleaning operation is very accurate and does not need to be washed again.
  • Using a washing cucumber machine saves time, manpower, and energy consumption.
  • Working with this device is very easy.
  • It has high automation and efficiency and high cleaning speed.
  • The wash basket can be easily moved. This will prevent a lot of damage to the products.
  • Saves water consumption.
  • It is very easy to be installed and maintained.

PBC will be responsive to customer needs and work capacities.

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