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Another application of industrial brush is its use in date sorting machine.

A sorting machine is a type of sorting machine that classifies, sorts, and classifies goods that pass through a pneumatic pipe connected through a machine.

The brush is used in the date sorting machine for cleaning and peeling dates, root vegetables and polishing fruits. To do this, use a rotating brush that is embedded in the device.

Date sorting machine can polish and clean many other items such as potatoes, root vegetables such as carrots, ginger, sweet potatoes, as well as fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, etc. The use of this device is to completely remove the dust and contaminants from the surface of the date palm without damaging it and polish it with the help of the brushes used in it. In addition to cleaning the surface of the product, it is also used for packing and grading. It can also be used for other products such as pistachios.

Date sorting brushes are usually made of very soft polypropylene and polyamide fibers (yarns) in the form of sealant brushes by PBC.

The lifespan of these brushes depends on the quality of the raw materials and how they are made. So, if the component of durability and length of uncle type of brush is important for the customer, it is recommended to choose PBC for consultation and purchasement.

This device has many advantages, some of which are mentioned here:

  • Working with this device does not need manpower.
  • It is not harmful to health. Because operator can continue to work without touching the water.
  • Saves time and water.
  • Has high efficiency.
  • It can have many uses for cleaning other thing rather dates.
  • It is very simple to operate.

The functions of this device are as follows:

  1. If you decide to dry dates, then this device is a good option. It can also work without the need for water.
  2. This device is used for product packaging.
  3. It is also used for grading.
  4. In addition, the drying process by this machine is such that it uses a fan to dry the dates through the conveyor belt.
  5. It is also used for chopping and cutting dates.
  6. There is another type of device that dries dates through electrical energy, in which case significant energy savings and manpower are saved.

The main task of the Rutb sorting brush in the machine is to clean the dates and rhubarb, it does not injure the surface of the product due to its soft fibers and due to the quality of its production and production by Pasargad Industrial Brush Company, it can perform its main duties. It works best in sorting machines and is very durable. The fibers of these brushes do not lose their efficiency over time because all the standards have been observed in the construction of these brushes and they have been best designed by engineers before construction.

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