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What is the use of industrial slaughterhouse brushes in this field?

Due to the pollution in the slaughterhouse environment, which is normal. Cleaning such environments is also very important. Because non-observance of hygienic points and regular washing of components and machinery as well as industrial equipment will cause any disease and spoilage of meat products. As a result, consumer health is also at risk, and food poisoning occurs.

The main method of cleaning the environment and equipment of industrial slaughterhouses is to use a brush, which can remove any contamination on the surfaces and completely clean the indoor environment.

Another practical tool for cleaning the slaughterhouse environment is the scrubber. A scrubber is a machine that has a lot of ability and power to remove any kind of contamination. Applications of this type of device are also used in industrial factories and industrial slaughterhouses and large production environments. The brush used in this machine can completely clean all dirt, including bloodstains.

The mechanism of this cleaning device is such that by rotating the brushes as well as the rear tee T of the ground-washing machine, it can easily and quickly wash the floor and the ground surface and dry it quickly.

The main types of industrial brushes used in industrial slaughterhouses include:

  • Cylindrical Brush
  • Tape Brush
  • Disc Brush

The fibers used in these types of brushes, manufactured by PBC, are usually polypropylene, polyamide and polyester. This type of brush is one of PBC’s other quality products that can prevent consumers from importing any similar foreign products.

This type of brush has many uses, including:

  1. Washing slaughterhouse hooks
  2. Washing and cleaning of slaughterhouse rails
  3. Wash and feather plucking the chicken

Another use of these brushes is for washing slaughterhouse hooks using a hook machine at the end of the slaughter line.

In this device, there are two large brushes that perform the operation of washing the hooks in a circular motion. These brushes are also operated by two gearbox motor devices.

In the field of brush production, PBC produces a wide range of brushes for various industries, including industrial slaughterhouses.

Modern machines and equipment, sufficient knowledge, and experience, allows PBC to offer customers quality products according to your needs, respectful customers.


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