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The oil and petrochemical industry, like many industries, uses brushes that are widely application in these industries.

One of the main uses of these brushes is to remove any contamination from petrochemical industrial equipment and pipes. In addition to cleaning out of reach or out of reach, these brushes increase work safety and prevent any potential hazards in that sensitive environment by refining equipment.

With the production of these brushes which are required by the oil and petrochemical industry, the PBC will increase the occupational safety of this profession and increase the quality of work. Because the construction of these brushes is made of the best fibers and available fibers and has a long life.

In the oil and petrochemical industry, flat and strip bricks are mostly used, most of which are used in refineries where sulfur is produced.

Pipe openning brushes are another product of PBC that are also used to clean oil pipelines.

It can be said that brushes with polymer fibers have many applications in this industry, which are also offered to our respectuful customers with the best quality by PBC.

Other applications include wire brushes for washing oil and chemical tanks, as well as bristle brushes for collecting spilled oil into the sea. Usually, the bristle used in the production of bristle brushes are made from the tail of a horse’s tail.

What are the uses of oil and petrochemical industry brushes?

  • Cleaning petrochemical pipes
  • Service of pumps, motors, and valves
  • Eliminate dirt and contamination of equipment surfaces
  • Remove rust and corrosion
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Dispose of pipes, pumps, valves, and pipes to measure pollution
  • Cleaning hydraulic cylinders
  • Cleaning the walls and lining of cylinders and floors of equipments
  • Basic repairs of diesel engines
  • Cleaning the hydraulic cylinders used in the pumps
  • Accelerate washing operations and protect surfaces against corrosion
  • Cleaning metal surfaces with low temperature

Types of applied brushes in this industry:

  1. Rolling Brush
  2. Cylindrical Brush
  3. Flat Brush

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