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The main method for cleaning potatoes is the brush.

Various brushes for cleaning vegetables are made by PBC, which can meet customer’s needs and show its efficiency.

It takes a long time to find the best apple washing brush, but PBC is here to save you valuable time. So join PBC:

Introducing industrial brushes and potato washing machines:

What is a potato brush?

There are a variety of sizes and shapes of brushed to wash any kind of the favorite vegetables, including potatoes, cleaner tools. Different diameters as well as different diameters are produced and supplied by PBC with the highest degree of materials used. These brushes completely remove the contaminants on the skin of the potato and can be easily used to remove dirt without the use of chemicals. Also, this product will not cause any harm to the potato.

Round-shaped vegetable washing and peeling machines such as onions, potatoes, kiwis, zucchini, etc. are very popular. These devices have a main impact on eradicating contamination of potatoes which is entirely duty of the brushes that are in this device.

The system consists of a reservoir, water-conducting pipes, brushes, and a repellent of soil particles and rock existing in the water.

In potato washing machines, the products are washed by brushes and built-in washing machines, while the water is sprayed on them through the guides. The stones and particles in the water are then directed into the reservoir through the repellents.

Apple dishwasher brushes have many features, including:

  • ‌ These brushes have a suitable design that is being produced by Pasargad Industrial Brush Company with the best type of raw materials.
  • The construction of these types of brushes by our company is such that there is no need to import it because its high quality proves its efficiency.
  • The use of this type of brush is very suitable because it is considered a strong exfoliator and scrub.
  • Can be used continuously and has a long service life.
  • It has a large processing capacity and high efficiency.
  • It has strong and high-quality courses.

Other uses for potato brushes include cylindrical and roller brushes, which are used in potato washing machines to clean the scratches and dents of the potato. The roots of this type of brush are such that it does not scratch the potato to remove hard stains.

Cleaning potatoes with this type of brush means that you will not only get rid of chemicals and pesticides, but also kill soil and bacteria, the most common way to clean potatoes is to use a vegetable cleaning brush.

Customers can contact PBC to prepare this type of product in different types and according to its purpose.

PBC is proud to offer customer the best.


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