Pharmaceutical Industry Brush

What is the use of brushes in the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical industry is part of the chemical industry, which is active in the field of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. This industry is divided into two main parts:

  1. Industry of pharmaceutical raw materials production:

In these industries, the raw materials for manufacturing drugs are produced.

Finished dosage industry (end of drug production period):

In this industry, the produced pharmaceutical materials will be packaged in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, and etc.

The use of equipment with special materials, clean conditions of completely hygienic and clean process environments, standard and specific rules for working with materials, personnel transits, samples, products, quality assessment and accreditation of process and equipment are unique features of the pharmaceutical industry.

In this industry, like many other industries, brushes are used to increase the quality of work in order to produce pharmaceutical products. There are different types of these brushes, each of which can have a specific application in each part of the production line.

The brushes used in the pharmaceutical industry are usually parallel cylinders, zigzag cylinders, or chess cylinders.

One of the main tasks of this type of industrial brushes is as a separator and stacking of tablets, pills, and capsules in the packaging section of this industry.

To produce these types of brushes, materials such as nylon, polypropylene and the other polyester materials are used.

PBC is a reliable company that produces industrial brushes of high-quality pharmaceutical industries in accordance with health standards.

PBC’s production brushes are used for a variety of applications, including tablet cleaning brushes, tablet sorting brushes, and the brush needed for packaging for pill and capsule packs. The pharmaceutical brushes of PBC are ideal for these applications thanks to the strong structure that prevents the loosening of the bristle strands as well as the contamination of the pharmaceutical products.

PBC also offers a wide range of hygienic brushes that are suitable for use in controlled environments and have hygienic conditions. PBC pharmacy brushes are made of materials that are resistant to cleaning chemicals and moisture absorption, thus preventing the growth of bacteria.

A large part of the brushes is offerd for countless uses by PBC. And this PBC’s capacity enables to consider the needs of our customers and meet the needs of your industry before producing pharmaceutical brushes.

In the pharmaceutical industry, roller brushes are mostly used in the packaging section. For isolated rooms, brushes with steel handles and nylon strings are also used.

Industrial pharmaceutical brushes also owe their strength to strong base adhesives that are used to bond nylon strands to the core of the brush with any type of metal or plastic material. These adhesives prevent bacteria from forming at the base of the brush. This increases the life of the brush which create a uniform density. PBC’s cylinder brushes are used in the pharmaceutical industry to move and displace tablets and capsules.

Each brush is designed to meet the needs of each part of the production line. PIBC, in the production of this type of brushes, performs the manufacturing processes accurately and expertly. During the drug production process, the operating temperature may not allow the use of nylon brushes, so the usage of carbon steel and stainless-steel brushes are the great and suitable options.

This type of anti-electric brush is provided with carbon fiber or steel thread. PBC company also pays close attention to the fact that the design of this type of brush is such that when using it in the pharmaceutical industry, it does not injure pharmaceutical products, does not crashing the tablets, and does not damage the products.

The other applied plan in the pharmaceutical industry include rolling stock of drugs, placing drugs, including tablets and capsules in packages, packaging, labeling of products, and sorting of tablets.

In most of these stages, pharmaceutical brushes are widely used for more hygiene and higher quality of work.

Application of Pharmaceutical Brushes:

  • Preventing moisture absorption and mutual contamination.
  • Lessening maintenance and repair of brushes
  • Effective and efficient results as well as less operation
  • Cleaning and removing contaminants from the pipes of the drug testing department

For more information or in case of any questions, you can contact PBC.


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