Pasargad Brush, a change in industry

Pasargad Industrial Brush Company (P.B.C) started its activity in 1374 in the form of producing all kinds of industrial brushes. This factory was built on a land with an area of 3300 square meters and a substructure of 1500 square meters in Parse region.
The purpose of establishing this company was to change the structure of the industrial sector and to use advanced high-tech machines for qualitative and quantitative improvement in this industry.
Due to the fact that the brushes produced at that time were mostly produced by hand and did not meet the needs of the market, there was a kind of dissatisfaction and mistrust towards domestic products in the country. acquire the country and prevent their import from European countries and China.
This brush factory is now proud to have designed and produced more than five thousand samples of industrial brushes in different sizes and shapes and even exported to neighboring and European countries.
Pasargad Industrial Brush has taken an effective step by gaining customer satisfaction and reforming the structure of industrial brushes, and has been able to raise its name in the country's industry and products with good quality, reasonable price and competitive with foreign products as a successful manufacturer. The supply of this company's products to the big and famous factories of the country is proof of this.

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