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Washing carrots may be easy for a housewife, but if you are going to wash carrots in a large volume, the difficulty of this task will be many times more difficult. The industrial carrot washing brush is a gift from the advancement of technology to all business owners who need to wash and even peel several kilos or even tons of carrots during the day.

If you have a job that requires you to wash several kilos of carrots, you must know how difficult and time-consuming this task can be. The industrial carrot washing brush machine has many brushes with which you can try different functions.

With soft brushes, you can wash the carrots well and even if there are impurities on the thin skin, remove it. On the other hand, you can even put other vegetables or potatoes in it and have peace of mind that they will be delivered clean. Enter the high volume of carrots into the machine, they will be delivered to the table.

If you need one of these devices for your profession and business, you should familiarize yourself with its features. The frame of this industrial carrot washing brush machine, which has 9 rollers with brushes and brushes, is made of stainless steel, and more importantly, the output of the machine depends on the diameter of the roller.

Be careful when buying, if the diameter of the wool roller is larger, you can get more carrot output. These machines start from 500 kg and can be a carrot for you up to 1800 kg. Another unique feature of these brushes is the existence of soft and hard brushes, depending on which you can wash the carrots alone or peel them after washing them.

The carrot washing machine that you prepare for washing carrots consists of different parts that we will examine.

  • High pressure spray: The spray nozzle is suspended in the upper part of the device and the brush and is connected to the water flow on the other side. When the brush hits the carrots, the water also flows from the top of the brush towards the carrots under pressure and helps the brush to clean more of the carrots.
  • Cleaning brush: This part is the most important part of the machine and the name of the machine is derived from these brushes. These brushes clean the impurities on the carrots by friction on the surface of the carrots. In this section, friction is done through the movement of carrot and brush in two opposite directions. The brush contacts all parts of the carrot and cleans even the most indented parts. This will make the carrots even cleaner than when you wash them by hand.
  • Device frame: This is the outer part of the device that you see. Since this part is always exposed to high pressure water flow, the possibility of corrosion and rust is very high; For this reason, this part is made of stainless steel. This makes even though it is exposed to water for long hours, the longevity of the industrial carrot washing brush is still guaranteed.
  • Machine engine: This section, which is the basis of the operation of other sections, rotates the brush section and feeds the operation of the spray section. The engine is located on the left side and under the frame; That is why it is not visible. The important thing about this part is the timely lubrication of this part.

It’s time for reckoning

In order to be able to get this all-tech device, you need to spend some money. But first of all, you should know what factors determine the price of these devices.

  • Device capacity: The industrial carrot washing brush has multiple capacities that allow you to wash different volumes of carrots at the same time. We have already mentioned that you can put carrots between 500 and 1800 kilos in this machine. The most important factor determining the amount of carrot capacity is the length of the check that cleans the carrots. The longer this brush is, the more carrot it can clean. As a result, it directly affects the price of the device.
  • Type of brush: Some manufacturers do not use stainless steel in order to be able to produce the device at a lower price and have more sales. As a result, it is true that you pay less, but the lifespan of the device is much less than you might expect. It is better to pay a little more at the time of purchase, but use the device for a longer period of time.
  • Brush and sprinkler number: The more brushes and sprinklers your device has, the more it will affect the cost you pay. As a result, we recommend paying enough attention to the number of brushes.

What is the capacity of your industrial carrot washing brush?

What are the general features of the carrot washing machine and industrial brush?

These devices, which mainly include motor, gearbox, and between 8 and 13 brushes, are suitable for washing carrots and can remove a thin layer from the surface of carrots, and with the help of automatic spray, they deliver water to carrots for better quality washing.

Of course, it is true that this device is made of steel, but its appearance also has its own beauty. More importantly, it is strong and durable and cleans carrots according to hygiene standards. This device is very easy to operate, just plug it in and press the power button. This industrial carrot washing brush has two types of rollers, both soft and rough, to remove impurities from carrots and remove an extra thin layer.
final word

All professional owners who have to wash a large volume of carrots, potatoes and vegetables during the day, know very well how much an industrial carrot washing brush can reduce their workload. This machine can wash clean carrots in high volume for you and get you to your goal sooner.


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