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An industrial metal brush is one of the tools used to clean welds, remove rust, prepare surfaces and remove defects. You can find these brushes at almost any hardware store.

But the main reason that these brushes have been able to replace abrasive wheels is that the brush threads do not remove material, and more importantly, they do not change the dimensions of the part and only remove rust from the metal. This work can only be done by contacting and creating friction between the tip of the wire and the part that is to be cleaned.


What other benefits are behind using these brushes?

Industrial metal brush can be used for almost any work. This is the most important advantage that you can count for this tool; The reason for this versatility is its type of design, which has been able to adapt it to any piece of any size. It doesn’t matter what the design of your part is, the long bristle brush cleans curved surfaces and reaches the most inaccessible parts of metal parts. A brush with short filaments can also have other functions.

If you choose a brush with a small volume and number of filaments, irregular surfaces will be cleaned more easily, but a brush with a large number of filaments will last longer and work faster. On the other hand, these brushes are not covered with particles and shavings due to their thin filaments.

Choosing a wire brush

When you are going to buy an industrial metal brush, you should pay attention to some points so that the result you get is the most effective for you. Don’t forget these tips to make a better choice:

Wire type

Brushes available on the market can often be found in carbon steel, stainless steel, or brass. The gender of these strings is very important for your purpose. Brass is often used in all projects, but carbon steel and stainless steel are only suitable for some applications. They use carbon steel for iron, carbon steel, and wood, and stainless steel for aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and wood. For what purpose are you preparing this tool?

wire diameter

If you are going to clean large and heavy parts, an industrial metal brush with medium to coarse wires is suitable for you. Light works are suitable for finer wires. Depending on what your purpose is for these brushes, you can use different diameters.

Brush design type

Brushes are produced in different designs, each of which is used for specific purposes. Wire brushes that are slightly crimped are designed in such a way that the strands are separated from each other, allowing for more flexibility. These types of brushes are mostly used for things that have irregular surfaces and remove less pollutants.

But standard wire brushes are made with a strand of wire that is twisted together and designed like a rope or cable. This type is more useful for times when you need to hit the piece more and harder.

Better performance, longer life

Now that you have chosen the most suitable type of industrial metal brush, you need to know how you can use it in the best way so that it lasts longer. Pay attention to a few points below:

  • The best thing is that the speed and pressure applied to the machine is suitable for the part. If you use the highest speed, you will get a better result most of the time. When you use the brush at high speed, the original shape and design of the brush is maintained, ensuring the longevity of the brush. You can choose a firmer brush instead of using more pressure. Non-standard pressure causes the destruction of wire strands and reduces the life of the wire.
  • Another useful thing is to periodically change the direction of rotation of the industrial metal brush. You can remove the brush from the spindle and change the direction with the help of 180 degree rotation. In this way the wires are not inclined to one side.
  • Choosing the right brush for the piece and the job you are doing is the most important way to help you extend the life of your brush.

Complete your notes

It is true that the points mentioned are vital to increase the life of the device, but it is better to consider other points to get the best result:

  • Do not neglect to keep the industrial metal brush with stainless steel material clean. On the other hand, be careful to use each brush only for parts with appropriate materials. You can degrease before you start working. But it is better to clean it immediately after doing the work and be sure to use protection for maintenance.
  • When you buy a brush with stainless steel material, the best thing is to pay attention to the material of the threads so that they are of high quality. Carbon steel filaments are often critical for industrial applications and are more resistant to fatigue than other types. Make sure that the tension of the strings is high, that they are heat treated and their diameter is 0.008 or more.

The industrial metal brush is one of the important tools that, if properly selected and maintained, can stay with you for a long time. It is true that you can get these brushes from the nearest place you know, but you should also consider the tips. Buying from an unreliable place or buying a cheap device may seem pleasant at first, but their short life span and uncertain performance will make you have to repair after a while.

You may also have to get another device. Try to always get critical and important devices for your business from a reliable place and don’t forget that even if you have a heavy cost at the beginning, you won’t need to pay for this device in the next few years. This spending has more of an investment role.


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