Rugs are beautiful assets for any home. If you have purchased high-quality carpets and you want them to stand the test of time, you must be sure that you take care of them in the best way so that they can bring you maximum durability. If your job is related to carpet cleaning, knowing the cylindrical brush and disk in carpet cleaning can be considered an important factor to ensure the quality of cleaning carpets.

What is a carpet cleaning brush?
Carpet cleaning brushes are produced in different sizes and with very different materials. The brush is actually a type of circular brush that cleans the carpet with circular movements. Carpet cleaning companies and workshops use different brushes to wash carpets. Cylindrical and disk brush in carpet washing will be selected according to the type of washing machine.
As its name suggests, the cylindrical brush is mostly used for the width of the carpet. A disc brush is also used for transverse washing of the carpet. از برس‌های دیسکی در بعضی مواقع برای دستگاه‌های کف‌شو در محیط‌های وسیع استفاده خواهد شد. Due to their circular movement, these brushes can be considered a very suitable tool for removing dust.

Important things in making a cylindrical and disc brush in carpet cleaning
One of the most important things in making a cylindrical and disk brush in carpet cleaning is paying attention to the amount of balance. Failure to adjust the balance of the brushes will cause serious damage to the carpet at high speeds, and in addition, the amount of time the brush can be used will decrease drastically.
Another important factor in making a brush is paying attention to the size of the rivets of the brush. The size of these rivets should be such that it does not cause any damage to the carpet washing machine in addition to properly cleaning the carpet. Normally, these rivets will be made in sizes of 6 to 7 cm and 0.6 mm pins.
The cost of a cylindrical and disc brush in carpet cleaning
When cleaning commercial carpets the first question you should ask yourself is how much time do you have and how much are you willing to spend? For these two reasons, each carpet cleaner needs special equipment and tools and uses different processes that make the washing completion time vary. You must remember that when preparing any type of carpet cleaning brush, you must consider the type and application you expect from that brush.
The cost of cylindrical and disc brushes in carpet cleaning depends heavily on the materials used in making the brushes. Depending on the type of filament used, as well as the size of the brush, the cost of its production will increase or decrease significantly. In Iran, in the past, brushes were made using horse mane and tail hair, and as a result, they were less expensive (they still use this type of brush in some factories, such as car tire factories), but with the passage of time and the emergence of new technologies, the cost It was different to make brushes.
Another thing that will affect the price of a cylindrical and disc brush in carpet cleaning is its customization or bulk. In some cases, brush making workshops based on the customer’s needs and requests produce brushes with a size that suits the customer’s needs, and due to the help of special brush making molds, the cost will increase in the end.

Use of brushes

The most basic form of carpet cleaning, in addition to using a cylindrical and disk brush in carpet cleaning, are industrial vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are a good choice for getting rid of any debris, dust and dirt. A vacuum cleaner is also useful for daily cleaning of the carpet surface so that it can give a special effect to the carpet.
In addition to the things we mentioned, brushes are also used in industrial vacuum cleaners. Although this application is not seen much, it can be said that you can find these types of brushes in almost all industrial vacuum cleaners. Cylindrical and disc brushes in carpet cleaning and washing with industrial vacuum cleaners (which usually wash with a combination of steam and brush) will help various industries in maintaining environmental hygiene.
Cylindrical brush (rotary brush or cylindrical brush) is one of the most important types of brushes in the carpet cleaning industry. Filament materials are mostly used in making this type of brush due to its availability and very good performance. Various filaments will be used to make cylindrical brushes in the industry of making cylindrical and disc brushes in carpet cleaning. For example, polyamide filament, stainless steel filament, nylon filament, etc.
In the past, wool and hair of various animals have been used to make a cylindrical brush; But this method has lost its popularity today due to the abundance of different materials and the large market of filaments. Stainless steel will usually be used in making a cylindrical brush; Because in industrial applications, such brushes are always exposed to moisture and this moisture may cause iron rust.
Using cylindrical and disk brush in carpet cleaning
Depending on the type of carpet cleaning as well as the carpet cleaning method, different brushes will be used, each of which has a specific purpose. Disc and cylindrical brushes are one of the most used brushes in various industrial sectors and will make the cleaning process to be done in a very short period of time. The role of such brushes in industrial washing processes cannot be underestimated.
Carpet cleaning, as an industry whose main focus is cleaning in the shortest possible time, is known as the best place to use cylindrical and disc brushes, and for this reason, due to the high demand of this industry for different brushes, brush production workshops across the country are engaged in making these types of brushes. are.
Of course, it should be said that these brushes are used in other industries, such as cleaning metal or wood items, car washes, special floor cleaning equipment or floor scrubbing, as well as the production of food products.
final word
Cylindrical and disc brushes in carpet cleaning have many applications in the carpet industry. These brushes are used to properly wash the carpet without damaging its taropod. Choosing the right brush with the washing machine can reduce the washing time and thus reduce the cost of washing.


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